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Great article. In my opinion we need less at the private ($$$$$) school level and more at the State University level. My Alma Mater Montana State University has lacrosse at the club level. It costs me about $20K per year to send my daughter there at the instate rate. My son is good enough to play at the DII maybe DI level but these schools all cost double maybe even triple what going instate would cost. I can promise you that the education isn't any better at these private schools. So my son either has to play down at the affordable club level or we have to figure out how to pay double or triple the amount to get him into the appropriate level of play. To be honest the play at Montana State very good, and it could be much better if it stepped up to DIII or DII. We need more affordable options at these levels.

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This is a very good microcosm of the midwest and western states for lacrosse. I believe that many groups and people feel that if those programs can get up and running then the youth growth and development will follow, which is certainly not the case. NAIA could be a great opportunity for the men’s game to grow but it can’t be done by tossing a team out into the void without any support and I’ll go a step further, by hiring a coach who really has no idea how to build a program. We’ve seen it happen (twice now) in the PNW where NAIA programs are launched and then fail a year or two later because the staff really was not equipped to build a real lacrosse program. Youth development is a must and Like Iowa the PNW is struggling as many of the “leaders” are not really interested in growing the game unless they can take all the credit.

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